What stage of life are you at? 

What does is mean to Wake up? It seems that everyone is talking about it these days. What they don’t seem to be talking about are the other dimensions of Human Development. According to Ken Wilbur, and many others, there are four other dimensions to…

Mind Hacker, Mindfulness


Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, we are not innovating enough. – Elon Musk In grade school we are cultivated to pursue success at all costs. Grades, exams, reports and honor roles all reinforce this desired behavior pattern. While it may…

Mind Hacker, Mindfulness


It is only by saying No that you can concentrate on the things that are really important. – Steve Jobs I used to be really good at getting people to like me. I was Mr. ‘get it done’ and was very agreeable. The dark side…


The line between Me 

Whats going onWe aren’t tetheredI sing this songThis feels weathered The drum beatsDeep down insideAll that my heart greetsIs where I reside Freedom to beA certain wayExcept they can’t seeThe light of day Incorrect assumptionsLead to distressMarveling at the gumptionLeaving my stress So you want…


Mystical Madness 

Bring the madnessI am naughtGone is the sadnessWhat have I bought? Bound into freedomMy looking glass layNow all I see is themAnd inside me they stay Running Amok goneMy world lies openJust singing this songAll context is broken March came and wentJust a flight of…

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