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About you 

You are all that I see when my mind is straying A flower in the darkness dancing and playing My mind is whistfull so I don’t understand what you’re saying But I dream of a day when my memory isn’t slain I start to think…

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Farewell MTS 

To some it has come as a surprise, to most, I believe that you have always known that I would move on someday. The surprising thing is that I am actually leaving MTS. This was one of the toughest descisions that I have had to…


My feelings 

I feel like I’m in a tunnel. That tunnel is taking me somewhere that I don’t know. While I’m falling down this tunnel I find two lights that brighten things up. The thing is, I can’t grab onto these two lights. If I try, they…


I’m going to stop 

I’ve decided to stop saying stupid things. The reason I usually do is because I just don’t have anything else to say. So I may get a little quiet. I just keep thinking about how stupid I must sound to be made fun of as…

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Beer commercials 

I heard an interesting POV on beer commercials today on CBC (still waiting for normal programming to come back…soon!) Basically they stated that with beer commercials, focus groups have found that it is more effective to give the beer characteristics in the commercial, rather than…

Mindfulness, Personal


I’ve just been writing like a madman tonight. I’m not sure how people are going to take what I said, as I just went into one of those trances where I just write and write and write. It’s almost like I’m being driven. The stuff…

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