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Time for the Show 

Time for the Show! The preparations are complete. Even now, with everything all planned out there is a feeling of aprehension. But, there is only so much you can do. In my experience even with the best laid plans, things have a way of not…


Up late again… 

Up late again… So here I am working at 1:30 am. Man this job is fun. Today I was slicing a disk on a brand spanking new Sun box that I’m building from scratch. And to boot, no one to date seems to have been…


Service Oriented Analysis and Design 

Service Oriented Analysis and Design. So today I’ve been reading about Service Oriented Architecture and Design concepts. It seems to be an interesting development in the arena of Systems Analsysis and Design. From what I’ve read so far, it takes elements from Enterprise Architecture, Business…


Solaris vs The World 

Solaris vs The World. So everyone seems to be jumping on this whole Open Source bandwagon, or at least trying to take advantage of it. OS X did what few do and completely revamped their entire OS, deciding to go with BSD (my favorite) as…


Snow Day Grass Day 

Snow Day Grass Day. It’s the 4th of May and it is one of those days. The sun was shining yesterday and I was out in the yard doing work. I have a mud pit for a front yard because last year I started to…

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IshGirls.Com is Alive! 

IshGirls.Com is Alive! Ok so here’s my first blog post in years.  I used to use Livejournal, but the whole community aspect / payment aspect of it just didn’t rub me the right way.  I’m using WordPress, which appears to be the g33k standard in…


How to remember people’s names? 

How to remember: How to remember people’s names?: Ahhh I’ve finally had some time to do something! Today I discuss what I’ve been learning for the past two months which involves learning how to sell and remember people’s names.

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