The importance of the Spiritual Lineage

The importance of the spiritual lineage 

“If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything” -Eric Davis I’ve seen a number of schemes designed to take advantage of people on the spiritual path. Popping up more and more. In this age, there is a lot of suffering, and people put in tough situations both from; An…

I woke sore

I woke up sore 

I woke up sore And I sat down to say… Am I going to fall today? No… I’m just going to play Thus, I went to stand On my yoga Matt… And Shone my light Bright bright bright This you see is the way That…


Why the Term Enlightenment is Bullsh*t 

When people hear the term Enlightenment, it often conjures up images of mystical figures, glowing, floating, and generally conducting fantastic miracles. We also think about the rigorous training, ascetic life, and life of dedication that it simply must take to get there. Otherwise, everyone would…

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