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BE A REBEL. Have you been living in the hunter mindset? The hamster wheel, pursuing a goal, after a goal, after another goal? It makes absolute sense because that is exactly what we’ve been taught to be by the system we are part of… This is why I’m here, encouraging you to change your mindset… BE A REBEL! Be a Leader!! And, Enjoy Yourself!!!

Oh, Kenshin guy, where can I find even more content on how to be a REBEL? That’s an easy one!

“Be a Rebel” e-book

To get my “Be a Rebel” e-book, click on the button below.

If you are looking for a FREE Grounded Spirituality and Leadership container…

We successfully started the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS ACCELERATOR! 20 rebels joined us, and the energy is moving so very strongly on that container… The transformation is going to be POWERFUL. And while we are not we are focusing heavily on the CBA, this is a FRIENDLY REMINDER that you can still jump on THE MONEY MAGICK MEDITATION CHALLENGE!

This challenge is a powerful concoction of ancient teachings and modern practices that will get you ALIGNED with WEALTH and ABUNDANCE. Some of you already did this challenge with us, but we know there are some souls out there that missed the opportunity!

That’s why THE MONEY MAGICK MEDITATION CHALLENGE will remain available for a LIMITED TIME on the ‘Mindhacker: Elevate Your Mind Game’ group (links below), so make sure to join us there and don’t miss out on all of the good stuff!

You can also Join the MindHacker Integration Community!

To help ground that experience, or if you want some accountability or to deepen into my mystical teachings, my monthly group program has live grouped Zoom calls, and a private Facebook group where I do live guided meditations and share more of my esoteric teachings on energy and programming the quantum field.


Blessings, abundance, and magick,

Cian KenshinThe Executive Alchemist

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