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DEFINING GOOD LEADERS! Would good performance and the ability to obtain the best of performances from others make or break a good leader? Or is it something else? What do you think?

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Speaking of Leaders…

Become the leader you were always meant to be with more influence, impact, and love.

  • It is time to do things differently.
  • It’s time to stop maximizing profits at the expense of your energy, your team, your family, your health, and the planet.
  • It’s time to stop projecting your own fears, traumas, and limitations onto those around you.
  • It is time to step into the entirety of who you are and what you are meant to do in this world – with integrity.
  • And, it’s time to impact the souls around you with such magnitude that they share your stories – your legend – with everyone around them.

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To help ground that experience, or if you want some accountability or to deepen into my mystical teachings, my monthly group program has live grouped Zoom calls, and a private Facebook group where I do live guided meditations and share more of my esoteric teachings on energy and programming the quantum field.


You can also join my FREE Facebook Community, the Money Magick Meditation Challenge started yesterday, you can still join HERE and catch the replays in the group!

Blessings, abundance and magick,

Cian KenshinThe Executive Alchemist

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