Moving to Mexico – Our crazy experience!!!

Moving to Mexico. Click on the BUTTON to go to the MindHacker: Masters of Business and Spirits YouTube Channel.

If you’ve been following us through this crazy journey, you already know that we decided to move to Mexico a while ago. We actually shared that experience with you in the SURPRISE!! We are moving to Mexico! YouTube Video we upload back in January on the Galaxy Hoppers YouTube Channel.

Now that we are finally here, it seemed like a very good idea to share with what is it like to travel during “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named” (you know, that big global event in 2020?)… with a ton of luggage…like our entire lives…

  • Were we encouraged to abide by Social Distancing rules at the airport?
  • Did we have food or drinks while flying?
  • Was it really a hazard?
  • How did we make it to the airport?

We’ll share everything with you! Along with an amazing background to please your eyes!

Stay tuned! There’s a lot more to come, to learn, to live and to enjoy!

Cian Kenshin

Integrated Leadership
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