Getting Beyond Yourself. You’re a master of your own domain. You wake up in the morning, and you’ve got shit ORGANIZED. Your mind flits from task to task, person to person, with ease, almost on its own. Phone call to phone call, meeting to meeting.

You KNOW this.

It’s comfortable, and you’re very, very good at it. This is the way of modern business. Calendars are back to back, many times triple booked. But that means that you’re in demand. It means you’re BUSY.

This is how we’ve been trained to have VALUE.

And yet…somehow it seems like you’re always behind. Like not enough is getting done. How can this be?

There always seems to be some looming deadline, or project that is never getting done. Some important phone call that you just don’t seem to ever have the time for. Some big thing that’s just been dragging behind and you know it’s the one thing that really is important.

Ah, next week. This week is busy.

Did you see what happened there?

The way our thoughts, choices, behaviour, experiences, and emotions play out together is very important as to who we are, and who we become. 

Do we stay stuck in the patterns of today, or do we get to break out of the Old Paradigm and discover tomorrow?

The mind is very tricky, and it likes to be in control, to know all the variables, and have everything mapped out. Unfortunately, in order to get to that point, it needs to play a VERY SMALL game. 

Our minds cannot possibly map out all the variables of even the most basic complex system. Even the system of the past, what got you here, is truly too complex for it to predict the outcomes.

What is simple enough for it? Routine. 

This is how people often get trapped by their calendars. Calendars allow the perception of progress, of doing things, while still being very safe, and predictable. It’s very comfortable for the mind to look at the day, and say “there, we got this figured out”.

But then what about that really important thing you’ve been putting off? Well, it’s not on the calendar so it will have to wait.

That’s a choice. And it’s a choice that leads to the same predictable behaviour, that keeps one stuck in the wheel of the rat race. It creates the experience of just moving from one task to another, and the emotion of ‘this is safe’ is brought about.

Predictability is death.

What would happen if you one day decided to actually move on that big looming project? If you cancelled all your meetings one afternoon and just dug in?

Can you sit here, right now and imagine it? Actually cancelling this afternoon’s meetings. And working on that one big thing.

There it is!

As soon as thoughts change towards something unfamiliar, the body goes into panic mode. Something unfamiliar is coming, and “we have to be ready for it”. That jacks up your hormones, and in return, new thoughts of “I can’t”, or “I’ll fail” or “It won’t work anyways” or “they’ll just say no”, etc start to come in.

These thoughts are just fabrications based on your bodies response to the changing conditions. As your mind starts to try to change conditions, by leaning towards a DIFFERENT choice than you would normally make, the body reacts.

The choices you are making right now are the ones that are keeping you where you are. The only way to get unstuck is to make different choices.

Lean into the fear.

The really interesting thing is as soon as the decision is made, those objections completely dissolve. They were just there to test you, keep you safe.

Do you really need to be safe right now? Or do you need to grow?

Small, safe, predictable, comfortable.

That’s what our “Self-Construct”, the Body-Mind Complex, or Ego would have us be.

  • YOU are so much bigger than your calendar. 
  • YOU are so much bigger than the choices of your past.
  • YOU are SO much bigger than the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that keep you stuck.

All you need to do is to recognize who you really are, and step through the wall of fear.

See you on the other side!

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