This meditation contains instructions for actively moving energy around your body. If you haven’t done this before, or are unsure what it means, please ask me or someone else you trust about if it’s right for you. If you’re dealing with psychosis, deep depression, or major emotional energetic blocks, this meditation could be disruptive for you, potentially causing an episode or more. For many there may be some discomfort as we work through energetic blocks, but it should not be painful. If you experience any pain please take off your headphones and take some deep slow breaths.


This meditation is for advanced practitioners only. We do not include instructions on sitting, or how to bring yourself to stillness. Both of these skills are required in order to access these finer states, where we can actually tap into and directly move energy through the subtle channels in our body. If you are having problems with this meditation, may I suggest some training on the basics first, for example my Theta Wave Guided Meditation, which introduces you to the state required in order to even notice these energies.

This meditation is much like previous ones, starting with a ‘scan’ through the body. However, instead of simply scanning, we cultivate energy, and begin to move it with intention. As we move the energy through the body and chakras, we start to open up the nadis, and channels. We ‘loosen’ the knots located at the chakra / energy centers, which allows more energy to flow more freely. Finally, once the channels are open and receptive, we begin to cultivate an upward movement of the energy, with the intent and focus to charge up and open the third eye. This can create many many different types of experiences ranging from electric energetic movements up and down the spine, explosions of energy and bliss at the crown, a feeling of connectedness with all of existence, and more.

Please enjoy, and let me know how you experience this! I highly recommend putting this in a regular rotation with your other meditations, for a period of 6 months or so to get the maximum effect.

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