We need MORE immigration!We need MORE immigration! We depend on immigration for our economic growth.

Much of the development and prosperity that cities experience can be linked to the amount of new people that are either born, or move there. In Manitoba, immigration makes up for about 70% of our growth, while deaths account for 65% of our births (Stats Can).

The amount of immigrants who come here to live with their families and work, pay taxes, etc, is very important to ensure we always have positive growth.  “In the long-term, the economic growth depends on the extent to which productive capacity (including physical capital, human capital, and economic institutions) is able to grow” (William G Gale).  Immigration of skilled labour helps with each these, migrants are usually skilled and add to our ability to produce (Migration between Countries).

The Conservatives this year made a plan that would limit that growth from immigration in such a way that it would effectively stifle the Manitoba economy, perhaps even back to where we were over a decade ago. The larger city centers won’t feel that nearly as bad as we will here, as they have positive growth from local migration.

If you plan to stay in Winnipeg for any amount of time, I’d recommend voting for someone who has a chance to defeat the Conservatives, and looks positively on immigration.  Who that is will highly depend on your local choices…

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