Time for the Show! The preparations are complete. Even now, with everything all planned out there is a feeling of aprehension. But, there is only so much you can do. In my experience even with the best laid plans, things have a way of not going ‘according to plan’. However, the difference between having a plan and not means that you know the way it should go, and gently push it in that direction, often causing it to be a success.

So far we’ve been sucessful with this approach for 3 separate events.

IshGirls first audition:
– 8 girls
– 3 photographers
– 4 assistants
– 2 meals
– 1 dj
– 1 chauffer and car
– 9 hours of shooting

IshGirls second audition:
– 12 girls
– 4 no shows
– 6 assistants
– 1 big mess to clean up 1 hour before the shoot
– 3 photographers
– 3 back drops
– 3 dj’s
– 2 Trucks
– 1 xbox and projector

IshGirls website launch party:
– 9 dj’s
– 8 girls
– 24 outfits
– 1 makeup artist
– 10 photographers
– 8 security
– 3 promoters
– 1 door girl
– 1 carpenter
– 1 last minute catwalk
– 6 assistants
– 1 model manager
– 1 business manager
– 1 dvd video created and final compilation done 1 hour before the show
– 1 really big party to compete with
– 180 really happy and amazed clients

What to expect this time? Well thanks to the fact that we are simply hosting and not planning, the numbers are much smaller. But if we forget something, we are in another city….

This will be my first time in Saskatoon, I’m really looking forward to it. I have heard how beautiful it is, but have always been skeptical because of my Regina experiences. We aren’t ‘officially’ doing auditions out there, but are setting up a photo booth to take some shots. Who knows, perhaps there’s a girl out there that will just blow us away. My main objective is to collect information on as many Saskatoon photographers as I can while I’m out there. The site is done, our review / posting process is almost ready, now, is the time to start pushing everyone to create art. Now is the time we start building a REAL site. Now is the time to SHINE!!!!!

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