IshGirls.Com is Alive! Ok so here’s my first blog post in years.  I used to use Livejournal, but the whole community aspect / payment aspect of it just didn’t rub me the right way.  I’m using WordPress, which appears to be the g33k standard in weblogging.  This is essentially going to be a place for me to put random information about my life that I want to keep track of.

Last night the Beta launch of IshGirls.Com went live.  You still won’t be able to see it, but we are using the new python based framework DJango.  First of all, if you know Python, you love it.  If you don’t, you’ve heard of it.  Django for Python is essentially what Rails is for Ruby.  It makes developing web applications quick, modular, and entirely ORM driven.  We are currently attempting to get into the DJango beta at media temple, however they have not yet responded to us.

IshGirls’ main focus is fashion. We have a vision of what we want an IshGirl to look like. Part of this vision is that an IshGirl defines her own style. The roots can come from common styles (Goth, Punk, etc.) however, an IshGirl integrates those styles into something of her own. She can shop at expensive or cheap stores – all that matters is that it’s styleIsh!

An IshGirl takes ideas from all around her and creates something unique that expresses who she is. She will create, modify and flaunt her style with confidence, wherever she may be. The style is fluid, changing day to day, mood to mood. What IshGirls aims to capture are those unique girls who go the extra mile with their style, no matter what the occasion.

We all know IshGirls. I know you are thinking of one now. They stick out from the crowd. They are the fashion bellwethers that fashion mogules travel all around the world to study and mimic for next years lines. What we want to do is to capture this, record it, and give a tribute to the World’s IshGirls.

IshGirls is a fully Canadian owned Winnipeg based company and is my 4th company to date. We are always looking for new ideas and people. If you are energetic, or just full of amazing ideas, please feel free to contact me!

IshGirls.Com is Alive!

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