BARCA CLUB BUSTED! Corydon Ave, above Sushu Ya. Picture 12 police cars and vans parked next to all the parked cars in front.
The line of cars...

BARCA CLUB BUSTED! 3 Cops stand at the entrance to the Barca club blocking the entrance, all the lights are on upstairs. Through the windows, which are usually dark as can be, I can see police fingerprinting everyone, and everything. They see me and close the blinds before I can take a shot. Danm.

Go talk to the cops blocking the street off, what’s up guys? Sorry, we can’t tell you. But you’ll probably hear about it tomorrow.

On the news, right.

A few blocks down the street, just by crazy corner is another Barca club. Same story. 10-12 cars out front, and a paddy wagon.

Looks like an orgcrime bust to me.

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    3 replies to "BARCA CLUB BUSTED! What the h3ll happened?"

    • anonymous

      FYI, not an organized crime bust. And above Sushi-Ya is The Bari Club, meanwhile up the street is The Barca Club, different places entirely.

    • tmscase

      Either way, they were both busted on the same night. Both for Illegal Gambling.

    • spendocrat

      Illegal gambling, one of the most useless laws there is.

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