Winter Ruck Run:

Winter Ruck Run: A Winter run in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December, scored by Doll Factory – We are Hollow Men. My first attempt at some sort of music video.

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    • kavalec

      That run looked familiar: I grew up just south of Cleveland, Ohio; for one week in 1965 IIRC we had no roads. No, not impassible roads… invisible roads. Telephone poles were the only archaeological evidence that there might once have been roads. 😉
      Probably not uncommon in Manitoba?

      Nowadays I live in Richmond, TX; where winter is just not what it used to be.

    • tmscase

      Oh man, 71 degrees eh? Wow that makes things a little different. Yeah here in manitoba there are many abandoned roads, this past summer I was up by Albert Beach riding my bike around and I came across these ‘roads’ which were completely overgrown. I was able to ‘ride’ for about half an hour down them until it was too overgrown, but I kept walking. Came accross what looked like a really old spot for lakeside and semi-lakeside cabins, but it must have been about 50 years old, everything that was left looked kinda charred as well. For the most part it was just cement bases and spots where cabins would have been though.

      I went out to Austin 2 years ago on a company trip, it was really nice. Got to see the bats fly out from under the bridge there in the evening.

    • kavalec

      Yeah Austin’s a cool town.

      > Oh man, 71 degrees eh? Wow that makes
      > things a little different.

      Let me paint the picture. I moved here in 1981, little town of Conroe, TX, working at a place called Skytop Brewster. Middle of January it SNOWED. It snowed A HALF INCH.

      So… they closed the plant.

      Same with the schools, most other businesses.

      I was flabbergasted.

    • tmscase

      Hah! I saw the same thing when I was in Vancouver for a bit. Traffic was almost at a stand still, businesses were shut down, I think they almost declared a state of emergency! They really don’t have the resources to clear it all either. I think it was abou 3 inches though. Ridiculous!

      It’s actually interesting to watch – even here in Winnipeg. It seems to me like everyone forgets how to ‘winter drive’ during the summer, because for the first few days after a snow, traffic is much slower, then eventually it pickes up. With or without plowing. It’s like it takes them a few days to remember how to drive comfortably in the snow.

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