Gravitomagnetism and 10-Dimensional String Theory. I relate a video I saw on 10D string theory to some experiments that are ongoing regarding the strength of the gravitomagnetic force from superconductors when spinning. Thanks for the topic Rob!!


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    • kavalec

      Food for thought: what if we build a gravitomagnetic field generator (conventional ‘doughnut’ model) which is capable of creating a microscopic region with event-horizon strength? I.e. escape velocity > C.

      a: what happens to particles falling in?

      b: what do we see at the “push” end of the field?

    • tmscase

      If what I’m thinking about the conventional doughnut model is true: ie it uses the spin of the superconductor to create a linear field with a push and a pull side, then I believe that particles would accelerate up to C, and continue on according to their path. We would then see quite the particle beam at the other end – like a conventional particle accelerator but able to do the same with much larger masses. It could be very dangerous indeed!

    • tmscase

      This is assuming that the device wouldn’t tear itself apart in the process!

    • kavalec

      Correct on the model. What I am wondering is

      1. Would we see anything akin to Hawking radiation?

      2. Even given no ‘input’ wouldn’t we get ‘white hole’ output?

    • kavalec

      Actually I can see focusing the field; the indvidual componants could be kept at a minimum stess.

      Also, this all could be tested in pulse mode, rather than trying to jump right to a continuous field.

      I rather suspect this latter is very much already on a lot of drawing boards, don’t you?

    • tmscase

      1. That’s beyond me…I’d have to do some more reading…what’s your opinion?
      2. We could get something like that. I imagine if we’re bending space/time enough, we would alter the path of many things including light. In that case I would suspect some sort of concentration of energy would be viewed on the push side. Anything beyond that and I think a lot of math would be involved.

      I just had a thought…something like this could be used to create a ‘perfect’ lense! Where you bend light exactly to your own (possibly variable) specification. That would be neat.

      Where are you going with the Hawking radiation thing anywyas? You’ve perked my interest….

    • kavalec

      Just to be clear, the math is beyond me too.

      As I understand hawking radiation it is a matter of random virtual particle pairs encountering an event horizon… with one getting trapped and the other escaping. The more curved the horizon, the more likely this is to occur, hence smaller mass = more leakage.

      If we generate pulsed event-horizon-level gravity concentrations we should see the same effect, except… the ‘books’ won’t balance.

      That’s the question I hope catches the interest of someone with the math.

    • tmscase

      Wow neat! Nice meeting you btw!

    • kavalec

      Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be the mythical energy-from-nothing device.

      Nice meeting you as well!

    • anonymous

      hey cian!
      quite impressed with quantum physics gig,
      althou many of the concepts of which are far beyound
      the conventional reach of my humanoid mind – it still gave me an even better perspective over the classical “out of the box” puzzle

      connect 9 dots with just 4 lines
      X X X
      X X X
      X X X

      where the new best solution is just draw 1 line and fold the
      paper a few times 😀


      p.s via winter run video – w00t, reminded me the ammounts of 7/11’s Jolts id require for ANY run, which brings me to a question, if id to spend hour a day imagining myself running, will it make me run better when i actually stop smoking? *lights up another ciggy* 😀

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