“the lab’s main objective “is to show that the design perspective can lead to better science””

So because of the latest ruling in the case to teach Intelligent Design in schools, now they are out to ‘throw money’ at the problem hoping it will go away.

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“ID had not “been the subject of testing and research”, Jones stated, nor had it “generated peer-reviewed publications”, and so had no business in science classes.”

So, ok, well then we’ll just have to CREATE OUR OWN scientific community and have them research and peer review it. If we hire enough of them, there will be enough opposing views in the ‘scientific’ community to case doubt as to weather or not ID is science. Just like with Global Warming (sorry – I meant ‘Climate Change’), or cigarrets (which don’t actually cause cancer, they just increase your risk…)

The question is, these christians have hired their own ‘wing of science’ to prove their beliefs right…but…how long do you think it will take them to prove something? Then the media machine takes off with it, I mean, really, in the US all you need is ‘plausible’ proof – i.e. 400 paid scientists agreeing against the rest of the international community (comon – read about ‘Climate Change’ on Google, then go read about ‘Global Warming’…nasty how different they seem to be eh? Now look at the sources…)

Really, when is it going to stop? Clearly the american media machine is not one subject to ‘peer’ review, itself…shouldn’t it be? I mean, you and I, we’re immune, right? We go out on the internet, read conflicting articles, from different countries, and form our own opinion.

But what about the people who watch american news tv? Or, even worse, fox? These people are allowed to vote, and, sadly, form the majority…someone has figured out how to control the masses! Doesn’t this effectivly nullify democracy all together? I mean, when you had to travel around, and see people face to face, and there weren’t constant messages being thrown your way from a centralized source, things were different. Controlling the masses was not even plausible. If you wanted to say something to a larger group of people it would go out in print – which meant they could READ! And not only that, but that audience did read.

The people who didn’t read would then form their opinion based on what few public appearances they got to see, and disucssion with people they knew. Other people who read, or knew people who read. This allows information to be fitlered through your own ‘social’ group of people – people you like, and thus, on a massive scale, people who like similar things to you. So their opinions, help you form yours.

I believe that this is still engrained in us very deeply. Except now, we aren’t limited to only people we like / hang out with, but we have these ‘popular’ personalities on television. These people aren’t even real! They are created for you to like them, identify with them, then they shove completely fabircated ideas down your throat that that persona may / wouldn’t necessarily actually agree with!

They’ve all been tricked! TV has used our own social-idea-filtration system against us, and thus is manipulating social opinions! People can’t even help that this is what is happening.

How do you fight against something like this, something this large? I don’t want to live in a world where people just believe in ID, or think that global warming is good, or that cigarrets won’t harm you. I bought into the whole cigarret thing when I was young. Now I don’t. I’ve actually cut a lotta things out that I didn’t identify with anymore.

Some say social deviance is the answer – or protesting. Perhaps…Somehow, I don’t think it will really work. I think the answer is create a movie to bring up people’s awareness on the issue and use their own system against them! Wait…No, that was already done. Poor poor old Micheal Moore. To think after all that Bush was reelected.

Control either the Media or the money and you’ve got absolute power – and I’m pretty much sure the people who have control over the money also have control over the media in the US at least…Rochester family?

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