The word is wow. So I had a meeting with a member of the mts family 2 days ago. Just lunch but we got on talking on a lot of things. Not only did they say they would take me back whenever I wanted, drop of a dime, they would even make a position for me at $50k, though I would ask for more, but they also offered me a free-lance contract worth 10g’s. Fucking amazing, that they can’t find anyone else in the company to program perl stuff. He actually said that if he tried to go to IT internally, they would use the entire 10g’s just to size it.

I’m not going back, but considering how rough sales have been lately, it’s good to know what my baseline salary is. Now if I have to, I can go to other companies and ask for 70.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing this for a while. I miss the social aspect of working in an office, no matter how much I actually complained about it before. But also, ‘my work here is done’ is almost the case. I’ve almost brought the company into an era where everything that needs to be developed / automated is, and that we’ve hired enough people that it should be able to survive without me. Well, you know, little things will need to be done, but I could save the company a lot of money by working somewhere else…which may actually help it get over this sales hump without too much problems.

I’m still going to wait a month before I make the decision, because we have a couple of really good events planned this month, and if we make like 10-15 sales, we should be OK.

On another note, yay cold weather! I love it. I just hate snow myself. The cold weather can stay, but keep the bloody precipitation! (don’t reallly wanna say that too loud as it may actually happen one day, heh).

mmmmm…I wanna do a photoshoot. I think it has been too long. Last model I had lined up moved suddenly to SK…don’t ask, don’t tell...

Anyone want really tastefull pics done somewhere in nature? I’m certaintly not talking nudes…too cold…but I’d like really nice clothing and makeup to be done for it.

The word is wow!

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    • vladimyr

      You should maybe lock this post.
      Just as a general policy towards musing over career choices and potential bargining positions.

      If you do make a switch, would you get a buy out option?
      That could prove a pretty penny.

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