Rob’s new roomates. So my buddy Rob just got some new roommates. They are two rather entertaining lesbians (pretty cute too). The interesting part of this story (no it’s really not what you think it is) is that the one, Myako (or something to that effect) was in the pop group Sugar Jones, is currently being divorced from Remi Shan (that winnipeg dood) and used to be in choir with Bonnie in high school. Now how’s that for a bloody social web overlap?!?

So I’ve been bored all day today, mostly out of fallout from this morning. Woke up to our charting application being down, so I had to act quickly to fix it. Then one of our key sales/trainer doods called me up and let me know how unhappy he was with the way things seemed to be going. To make it worse I agreed with everything he had to say. Randy is not paying enough attention to the company or the trainers right now – his obsession with the new logic is corrupting the entire business…and he’s not even supposed to be involved with it.

Time to act I guess eh?

So I come up with an action plan. First I start by sending a couple emails to the effect that “we need to start giving the company direction, we need to have a shareholders meeting – to elect a board of directors”….etc. Don’t really need this to happen, but I do need to get an emotional response out of Randy. He initially responded with “yeah I know all this, I have an MBA, but time…blahblahblah….”

That’s the first one.

Then I responded “Really though, what did you expect, starting your own business?  This is what happens, this is what everyone told me would happen before I got into this”, etc…..

Eventually he “came up” with the idea that we need to start structuring things more and that he shoulnd’t be involved directly in the research part of things (gee where did he come up with that?) in a telephone conversation. I always love it when I get my way (even if I don’t get credit :-p )

So now I call Phil – who’s in charge of research (or was supposed to be). I tell him that Randy is off his case and he has free reign. A sigh of relief. I delegate him 2 tasks.

1. Come up with an overall project plan for this new logic. Tell me what kind of time lines and objectives you plan to have.
2. Set up a focus group with select sales/trainers. Utilize this very underused/appreciated resource that we have at our disposal.

Yeah I know things are not going to reach the deadline that Randy had (actually emailed) promised to clients so prematurely. But then, what do I care – that email wasn’t even cleared by the rest of us. He’s one of those guys who has really low lows, and really high highs. If things are moving along well, then he gets very excited. Too excited. Like a puppy dog.
He does rash things like that. Or promising the world to our sales reps not having the slightest clue about how he’s going to accomplish it – even it it can be done.

W/E that’s not soo bad. Because I can give our clients the world, given enough time and freedom. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got a great team of people around me, obviously they just need to be lead. I’m really not the one to be the leader – every group project I’ve been in I’ve never been the ‘official’ leader. However somehow I always seem to be leading.

I guess I find more freedom without the title. Perhaps it’s just a psychological thing. Dunno, but either way, here we go again.

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    • jenunderscore_

      haha! Sugar Jones!

    • vladimyr

      I beleive that I read, just recently, that the masters of buisness administration degree is the most awarded by the University of Mn. I think that the different degree’s where counted by major, so physics and chem are counted seperatly, but still.
      More people are awarded MBA’s than are ungraduate comerce degrees.
      Not to undervalue the degree, you still need to put in the time and effort/money to get one, but it seams that more people have an MBA than I had previously thought.

    • tmscase

      that would make sense to me. I think it’s sought out so much now that short of an MBA from Harvard I think they’re worthless.

    • anonymous


    • skelly_snake

      Remi was in Ray E’s band in the early 90’s.

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