First week of FREEDOM! Well, I’ve done it. I’ve sucessfully made it through the first week of not going to work. I was kinda worried about my self drive – cause as of late, at MTS anyways, I have had none. I can now sum it up to complete and utter boredom. That place sapped the life and drive out of me every day.

After buying a new suit, new shoes, and a new desk I felt a lot better.

I’ve been working like a madman. It’s actually quite enjoyable – anytime I’m bored of what I’m doing (eg TV) I run upstairs and start working. I’m actually working more than I was at MTS combined with nights and weekends. I’ve found my drive again – I’m creating and learning new and amazing things. I’ve set up my GST # and Federal Payroll account. I have bought and installed Simply Accounting. That’s a complicated program…but I’ve gotta learn it. So far so good.

Randy and Steve are in Toronto this weekend doing a seminar with about 300 people. Denis and company are in Calgary. Each group prospects to make about 20 sales each. That’s a fuckload of money. Just gives me more drive to create, innovate and DESTROY the competition. Which is actually funny – we don’t have any anymore. They’re already gone. All the others that are anywhere near what we’ve created are free and don’t give you training. Or picks. Or SMS notification.

I’m working on a clientless version of the application now. We want to increase portability across OS’ and computers – people still like getting the package, with the CD, etc…but they want both – so we’re gonna do it.

Well – back to Simply Accounting for another hour or so. Cian-out.

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